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The LEAP Career Planning Process
Provides Structure and Support

Do you know where you are headed
with your next career change...

Like many people, you will probably make 7 to 9 career changes in your lifetime, along with 10 to 20 job changes (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Why not get some professional help making your next career transition? If you are considering owning a small business or doing consulting, but you are not sure you fit the "entrepreneur" type, you don't want to sit and stew with that question. If you are a careerist and feel that exploring other career options is a smart move, we can help.

Leverage Enhanced Assessment Power (LEAP) Process
The LEAP Programs are based on a 5-step process. Here's how it works:

LEAP Process

Step 1. Assessments. Begin by compiling a complete picture of your career assets, personal strengths and unique characteristics through in-depth, valid career assessments and informal reflective questions and assignments. This insight and clarity promotes strategic thinking about your career.

Step 2. Awareness. Gain a deep understanding of who you are, what you want for the long-term and the short-term in your life and career, and why that's important to you. With one-on-one career counseling and unlimited email support, explore viable options that you can enjoy, enable you to earn what you deserve, and live the lifestyle you choose.

Step 3. Attitude. Realign your attitude to look for opportunities, expand your thinking, learn from mistakes, stay positive, and increase your capacity for informed risk-taking. With regular career coaching and support, your commitment to finding a compatible and satisfying career with life/work balance will grow, along with the courage to make the leap to a new career or business.

Step 4. Action. Transform your insights and understanding into strategic thinking AND branded action. Prioritize your goals and decide on an option with maximum pay-off to follow NOW. Creating a Branded Action Plan transforms strategic thinking into tactical, personal branding action. Determine the conditions needed to make your Action Plan successful, clarify timelines, identify and gather your resources, and start to work your plan.

Step 5. Attract. Live and breathe your brand, exude clarity and focus in your networking and communications, and build on-brand alliances as you work your Branded Action Plan. Whether you launch a focused job search, plan to go on for further training, establish a small business or grow an existing one, staying committed, on brand and focused will attract the opportunities you want for your career and your life.

The LEAP Career Focus Programs Are Unlike Anything Else Out There...
Our 5-step LEAP Process is different. Here's why. We:

  1. Inventory ALL of your marketable assets and unique characteristics (motivated skills, interests, personality type, values, brand attributes, passions, needs, goals, experience, and life purpose). These are the foundation for making a sound choice. You are a multi-dimensional person. Why would you want to make a career choice based on just ONE aspect of who you are? How reliable would that be?

  1. Incorporate a 360-degree personal branding assessment to find out what OTHERS say (in complete confidentiality) are your unique, marketable attributes. This external feedback is invaluable. How are you being perceived by others? Is it what you intend?

  2. Use standardized assessments, as well as more reflective self-assessments and hard-hitting questions, to determine your assets and characteristics with a high degree of accuracy and confidence for future planning. We use both left-brain (objective) and right-brain (subjective) techniques to capture all the important data.

  3. Offer reliable and valid career assessments (not pseudo-assessments that have not been professionally developed or scientifically validated). This dramatically increases the likelihood that you can count on your assessment results being meaningful and accurate.

  4. Offer many reliable, valid career assessments online for your convenience. Yes, you can also take them in paper-and-pencil form if you would like (your choice). Busy professionals and executives find that's sometimes easier if traveling a lot.

  5. Partner with you in strategic thinking and exploration, as well as discussion of your assessment and homework results (yes, there is work you have to do) to maximize your career options. The synergy of 2 minds focused on the same challenge is awesome. One of MY top personal branding strengths (according to clients I have worked with and professional colleagues) is my intuition.

  6. Provide a structured options-evaluation and decision-making process that takes into account your "gut" feelings. Do you really want all of those thoughts about career possibilities floating around in your head? Or would you rather be able to get off the fence and DO something because it's clear what the choice needs to be?

  7. Give you tons of opportunity for coaching interaction and dialogue via telephone, email and instant messaging (IM), as well as free resources.

  8. Support you throughout the entire process, from career or entrepreneurship exploration through landing a job or launching / revitalizing a small business. This full-service approach, with hands-on assistance like expert resume writing or company research, allows us to get to know you very well and what you need.

  9. Become your "partner in career success", your ally and confidential sounding board for ideas that become branded action. What if you are standing in your own way on the path to career success? Well, we tell it like it is (honesty is another one of my top brand attributes).

  10. Encourage and structure continuous career development opportunities, such as annual career and business check-ups, so you can ALWAYS be in control of your career or small business. This is a life-time endeavor and we want to be the career professional you turn to each time you're ready to LEAP!

12. Transform Strategic Thinking into Branded Action. The LEAP Programs combine the best of career counseling to determine career possibilities that fit you to a "T", along with personal branding insight to give you a competitive edge in a highly crowded marketplace, AND the best of career coaching to energize, inspire, guide, and support you in getting what you want.


Put the power of top-notch training and experience of a National Certified Career Counselor, Certified Career Management Coach, Certified Personal Branding Strategist, and Certified Expert Resume Writer in your career corner. The Assessment Goddess has all of these...and more! If you want the BEST resources available (without paying thousands of dollars), this is your chance.

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Now that you know about the proprietary process we use in our LEAP Programs, and why our points of difference are so compelling, find out more about our specific Career and Business Services.

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