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Is running a small business
the next career change for you?

Or are you a niche-less small business owner?

Waffling between owning your own business and working in the corporate world can keep you running in circles. If consecutive career and job changes have affected your confidence and clarity, it's no wonder you may be tentative about taking a business risk. You may want to determine whether entrepreneurship is right for you - and we can assist you with that important step.

If you are a small business owner who simply needs to discover your niche market and personal branding we have programs to power your strategic decisions and actions.


The following career and business planning tools can power up our business position and eliminate needless risks. Evaluate what we have to offer and the return on investment (ROI) you will receive. The focus on your future and make the leap!


Career Future Focus Tools

Click on the links to find out more information, including the affordable investment for each powerful tool. Any questions about these programs? Just email us at Susan@AssessmentGoddess.com and we'll get back to you within one business day.

For UNFOCUSED Individuals*

LEAP Program for Entrepreneurs
Focus Program with career assessments, including Myers-Briggs results for entrepreneurs, one-on-one career counseling and coaching, and a bonus personal branding assessment. Result: Feasibility Report for Entrepreneurship and Branded Action Plan.

For UNFOCUSED and FOCUSED Individuals*

360 Reach Personal Branding
Personal branding assessment (objective, honest feedback about your authentic brand). 3-step Personal Branding Program, available in Self-Study or combined with career coaching. Bonus: One year membership in Reach Branding Club.

Career Coaching and Consulting
Laser Coaching (20 minutes) or In-Depth Coaching (1 Hour)
Topics: Personal Branding, Online Identity Management, Executive Branding, Blogging, Career Focus, Career Transition to Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategies and Tools, and Networking with Brand Pizzaz!

Branded Communications
Custom writing of business and marketing documents (such as a business bio or social networking profiles) showcasing your personal brand for competitive positioning.

*Take the Career Future Focus Quiz to determine whether you are FOCUSED or UNFOCUSED.

Career Results You Can Expect

  • Figure out if entrepreneurship is a sound career choice based on your motivated skills, interests, personality type, values, goals, bottom-line needs, and unique brand attributes. Determine the fit with small business ownership BEFORE you write one word of a business plan.
  • Successfully identify, launch and sustain a business based on your unique strengths and brand attributes. Leverage your marketable knowledge and services, and beat out the 80% failure rate (within the first 5 years) for new businesses.

If you would like a "partner in business success", a personal business consultant and advisor, look no further. And - oh yes, we'd be thrilled if you'd become a "customer evangelist" (that's a raving fan)!

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Are you wondering: who IS the Assessment Goddess? And why should I trust that she can help me with my needs? Check out the About Us page for more in-depth information about our background, training, credentials, publications, and selected past accomplishments.

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