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Coaching Services
and Branded Communications

Do you want to be the strategic leader
of your career or business future?

What will be your greatest job and career challenges this year? Career coaching and consulting can put you in charge of your career or business - where it's going and how fast. It can help you with formulating winning strategies and a branded action plan to achieve your career goals. Branded career communications get your strategic career plan across to your target audience.

Consider the alternatives:

  • Depending on your employer to do your career planning for you. Wake up to the new reality where employees MUST manage their own careers. The bar has been raised and career development by YOU is now the norm.

  • Hoping that fate will intercede. Are you counting on that really rich relative to die and leave you tons of money? Or do you think the next job or business you start should be better (like how could it be worse)?

  • Deciding to make do with the status quo, not 'rock the boat', and otherwise give up your dreams for a better life. Do YOU believe you can make something better of your life?

  • Listening to your friends, relatives, and the collective 'they' who say it's not possible to have anything better. Will that defeatist attitude serve you well the rest of your life? Will that work as a model of success for your children?

So, when do want to start with some career coaching to turn things around? Why not today!


Look at the charts below in the appropriate category for you. These are the kinds of competitive branded messaging tools you need to thrive in your professional career or business.

If you see something you're curious about or want more information about, just email me (Susan@AssessmentGoddess.com). It's that simple.

Individuals - Professionals and Executives

Strategies & Tactics Branded Communications
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Keyword Resumes &
    Cover Letters
  • Job Search 2.0
  • Branded LinkedIn Profile
  • Networking Pro Strategies
  • Branded Twitter Profile
  • Interviewing & Salary Negotiations
  • Branded Social Media
  • Performance Review Preparation
  • 3D Branded Bio
  • Social Branding Management
  • Get-the-Job Accomplishments
    Sales Letter

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Strategies & Tactics Branded Communications
  • Personal Branding Development
  • Branded LinkedIn Profile 
  • Business Visibility
  • Branded Twitter Profile
  • Marketing Online and Offline
  • 3D Branded Bio
  • Value Marketing
  • Brand Value Proposition
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Branding

Career Coaches, Counselors, and Consultants

Strategies & Tactics Branded Communications
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Branded Elevator Speech
  • Niche Development
  • Branded LinkedIn Profile
  • Career Assessments Consulting
  • Branded Twitter Profile
  • Business Visibility & Credibility
  • 3D Branded Bio
  • Marketing  Online and Offline
  • Career Assessment Reports
  • Social Media Management
  • Branded Blog Development

Companies and HR Managers

Strategies & Tactics Branded Communications
  • Employee Brand Development
  • Branded Elevator Speech
  • Talent Selection and Development
  • Job Posting Copyrighting
  • Executive Coaching /
    Leadership Development
  • Branded LinkedIn Profiles
  • Team Building
  • MBTI Workshops
  • Communications Skills
  • Branded Communications
  • Social Media Management
  • Branded Communications

If you are confident of all the strategies and tactics, as well as branded communications, mentioned above, then you are already well on your way! If not, I urge you to consider contacting me today...what's to be gained by waiting?

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What's happening in the world of work (WOW) and careers? Stay connected with practical career advice, information and resources so you can make the leap to the next level!

Certified Social Branding Analyst
Certified Online Identity Strategist-Advanced Team

National Certified Career Counselor

Certified Personal Branding Strategist

Certified Career Management Coach

Career Assessment Expert
CDI Board of Directors

Career Directors International Expert

"Susan, great job as Guest Co-Host of the Career Masters Institute ResuMentor teleclass. You shared some really good insights, especially on how to use career assessments for both career coaching and resume writing. You brought to the call some new, fresh ideas that were extremely valuable to our listeners. Thank you!" - Louise Kursmark, CMI Master Team Member and Co-Host of ResuMentor Program 

"I definitely feel that I picked 'the best' career counselor for what I needed (thanks). I will keep your name on file for future and anyone else who may need assistance on a professional level." - M. Edgington, Accounting and Finance 

"You provided an objective ear when I needed it most! Now I am in a team atmosphere with very positive people, and doing something I like (for a lot more money)." - J. Fleming, Administrative Assistant 

"Susan is extremely well-informed, offers a practical plan of action, and provides powerful tools that are also transferable to other realms of life." - A. Johnson, Princeton, NJ 

Are you unsure and unfocused about your next career change or business move? Our 5-step LEAP Programs for Professionals, Entrepreneurs or Students can turn indecision into a structured AND branded action plan, along with all the support you need, to make the leap with turbo-power to the next chapter of your life.

For more information:
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Phone: 715.362-9120
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