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Personal Branding Assessment Certification

Want to add a highly valuable revenue stream
to your business?

It's easy because personal branding is hot. Everyone is talking about personal branding for career development and to differentiate oneself in an ultra-competitive marketplace. Futurists like Tom Peters have touted personal branding for years, and others like William Arruda, Seth Godin and Peter Montoya have recognized its current hot status in the careers and business world.

Founder of the leading personal branding company on the web, William Arruda says, "In fact, personal branding is becoming increasingly essential to professional success today. Gone are the days where your value to individual or corporate clients derived from your product or service alone. Today, people want to buy brands - unique promises of value. Personal branding helps you put yourself ahead of the pack."

The360Reach Branding Assessment is a formal assessment developed by behavioral psychologists and branding experts. It is the first and leading web-based personal branding assessment. Consider these facts:

  1. Experienced by more than 1 million professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs to fast forward their careers and businesses,
  2. Ensures confidentiality for respondents, which means TRUE 360 feedback,
  3. Guarantees candid responses about your perceived brand and professional reputation,
  4. Convenient and easy to complete via the Internet in less than 10 minutes,
  5. Provides accurate, honest and actionable feedback,
  6. Consolidates responses for you in this web-based system,
  7. Focuses on the positive - builds personal brand confidence,
  8. Use to track personal brand development over time,
  9. Quick brand snapshot with optional telecoaching for brand development.

Well-known author on personal branding, Peter Montoya says, "Branding addresses the core issue of the modern marketplace: when competitors are equal, a brand that sets itself apart in the perceptions of the buyer will be successful. Personal branding shapes perceptions. So does Personal Marketing - the nuts and bolts process of putting your brand in the public eye."

The360Reach Assessment Certification Program

Benefits of this first-ever branding certification program:

  • Certification. This program certifies you to administer and interpret the 360Reach Personal Brand Assessment with your clients.
  • Data Analysis Report. A comprehensive 20+ page Data Analysis and Summary Report includes customized results for every client. You work with your client to develop a relevant Action Plan for their brand.
  • Support Materials and Training. You will learn how to coach your clients using this information to grow their careers or businesses via 2 web-based training modules, as well as an interactive training teleseminar.
  • REACH Marketing Support. With the extensive marketing efforts of REACH, making personal branding a "hot topic", you will have the capacity to earn back every dollar of your certification fee...and much more!
  • REACH Affiliate Program. After you are certified, you qualify for membership in an affiliate program exclusively for 360Reach Analysts. You will be well on your way to building your passive revenue income.

If you are a Career Coach, Counselor, Consultant, HR Manager, Training and Development Director, Guidance Counselor, Outplacement Manager, Executive Recruiter, or Team Leader, this certification program is for you. Learn how to put this proven personal branding assessment to work for you and your clients.

Interested in 360Reach Assessment Certification?
Contact Susan@AssessmentGoddess.com today to find out more information and get all your questions answered.

If you'd like to order the 360Reach Certification Program right now, click on the link below. Get started with an exciting new tool to help your clients, students, or employees.

 360Reach Branding Certification-Order Here 
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Bonus: Get the special report "Likeability: The Wild Card in Interviewing" when you sign-up NOW!
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